A few days ago, we reached an important benchmark in our campaign.  Our campaign managed to raise over US$100,000.  Reaching US$100,000 puts us in the top couple percentile of all campaigns! This will not be possible without your support.

As our campaign is drawing to a close and moving to In-Demand Program, we like to thank all backers in backing Q.bo One on Indiegogo.  Our team is humbled by the support you have shown us and we endeavor to bring you Q.bo One as soon as we can.  Right now, we are busy preparing Q.bo One ready for production and sourcing relevant components.

Our team also like to take the opportunity to thank Indiegogo for their consistent help and assistance rendered throughout this campaign.  The campaign has benefited much from Indiegogo’s support.  We also like to thank Arrow Electronics for their gracious support of our campaign as well.  Arrow has show great consistency in helping our campaign and we could not be more Thankful for that.

We seek your continued support as we move into In-Demand Program in a couple of days.  All of us in Thecorpora are inspired by the support you have given us and we will work tirelessly to bring Q.bo One to you soon.

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