TheCorpora History – A Blast From The Past

As we have indicated previously, we will be presenting a new version of our robot very soon. This new project has been in the making for more than two years and it cumulates all the lessons and knowhow we … Read More

Robots and Autism

One of the main challenges brought by autism, especially in the case of children, is that they have a major trouble when it comes to communicating with other people. They will most likely look away when others talk to them. … Continue Reading

Qbo Robot – Mirror Test ( updated )

A few days ago, I remembered when someone told me that only the human beings, the dolphins and some species of apes can recognize themselves in front of a mirror. Qbo has two independent nodes, one for face recognition and … Read More

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A Little Break!

During the last days and in great part because of the launching of the Blog, I have spent the little free time I had answering emails and preparing some lectures I will be attending shortly as a guest. This is … Continue Reading

Qbo robot, thecorpora, francisco paz

Hello World and Welcome to TheCorpora!

TheCorpora – From today and through this Blog I would like to start sharing with all of you the project I started 5 years ago and which is about to be released. In this Blog not only will I tell … Continue Reading