Qbo Robot Detects, Recognizes and Learns Persons and Objects

In this video you can observe two different demos: a first one in which Qbo detects/recognizes/learns persons; and another in which he detects/recognizes/learns objects. The switch from one demo to the other is made through voice commands, as well as … Continue Reading

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Mistakes make us more human

Some days ago we were visited by the people in charge of the future assembly line of Qbo, and therefore we felt obliged to prepare for them a live demo of the robot. During the previous days of their visit … Continue Reading

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On a trip to Taiwan and Japan

On the 4th of March we posted some images in Twitter of the first molds of our Qbo robot, received by our provider in Taiwan. With more than 6 months behind schedule we started to make many tests to these … Continue Reading

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Qbo Robot Voice

Now that we have our own OpenQbo Linux distribution, quite stable, and as we know from your emails that many of you have installed it, despite some do not know too well how Linux or its programmes work, we are … Continue Reading

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The Power of Sharing

During the initial stage of Qbo’s software selection I could check the amount of tools and “individual” projects on artificial vision, chatterbots and speech recognition and synthesis available on the Internet. Some of these developments were even used by important research centres in their robots. … Continue Reading

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Playing with the ROS platform by Willow Garage

My first intention when I started this project was to learn about robotics as much as possible so I did not pay much attention to other API’s or development platforms on the Internet assuming that the development of communications between … Continue Reading

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A Little Break!

During the last days and in great part because of the launching of the Blog, I have spent the little free time I had answering emails and preparing some lectures I will be attending shortly as a guest. This is … Continue Reading

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Qbo Robot Concept and Design

When I started I was sure that this robot had to be “realistic”. I did not want to develop a biped robot or a robot with arms because I knew I would fail due to the lack of resources. Once … Continue Reading