Diary of a Dream in Silicon Valley – Willow Garage

This is perhaps the strongest “dish” of the trip. As many may know Qbo works over a Linux-type operating system called OpenQbo, that consists in a modification made by our engineers of the Ubuntu distribution. Over OpenQbo, you can find … Read More

Qbo robot Telepresence

Qbo Robot as a Telepresence System

What if you could go to the office without physically leaving your home or vice versa? Imagine yourself being able to connect to your Qbo robot from any part of the world, wherever it may be: your house, an office, … Continue Reading

Qbo Robot Learning and Recognition in the Cloud – Exhibit Demonstration

On the 14th of July we were invited to the Campus Party in Valencia (Spain). In front of a large audience we made a live demo of our cloud system. In the video you can see how we showed a … Read More

qbo robot campus party

Qbo Robot at Campus Party Valencia ( Spain )

On the 14th of July we will be at the Campus Party in Valencia ( Spain ) making a presentation about our robot. If you’re nearby, feel free to see our presentation at 5.30 pm in the “Ciencia Ágora” stage. … Continue Reading

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Mistakes make us more human

Some days ago we were visited by the people in charge of the future assembly line of Qbo, and therefore we felt obliged to prepare for them a live demo of the robot. During the previous days of their visit … Continue Reading

Qbo robot molds thecorpora

On a trip to Taiwan and Japan

On the 4th of March we posted some images in Twitter of the first molds of our Qbo robot, received by our provider in Taiwan. With more than 6 months behind schedule we started to make many tests to these … Continue Reading

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Qbo Robot Project Status

We have decided to write this post because we are receiving many emails interested in knowing the current development status of the robot . We still have to develop and improve some things, and even though our resources are limited, mainly … Continue Reading

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The Power of Sharing

During the initial stage of Qbo’s software selection I could check the amount of tools and “individual” projects on artificial vision, chatterbots and speech recognition and synthesis available on the Internet. Some of these developments were even used by important research centres in their robots. … Continue Reading

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Current Robotics And The Need For An Open Source Robot

I have been following for years the progress made in both the robotics and the artificial intelligence fields. In all this time (20 years) there are few projects which are still working, mainly due to the high costs involved in … Continue Reading