TheCorpora History – A Blast From The Past

As we have indicated previously, we will be presenting a new version of our robot very soon. This new project has been in the making for more than two years and it cumulates all the lessons and knowhow we … Read More

Diary of a Dream in Silicon Valley – Microsoft

This has been one of the biggest surprises of the trip, for two reasons, one because I could enter in the future house of Microsoft by the hand of one of its funders, who is also a professor of the … Read More

Diary of a Dream in Silicon Valley – Willow Garage

This is perhaps the strongest “dish” of the trip. As many may know Qbo works over a Linux-type operating system called OpenQbo, that consists in a modification made by our engineers of the Ubuntu distribution. Over OpenQbo, you can find … Read More

Diary of a Dream in Silicon Valley – Google, Intel and Yahoo

Before beginning this new post regarding the third day, I must comment some aspects that I find important and that weren’t present in my last post. If you decide to settle in Silicon Valley with all your team of engineers, … Read More

Diary of a Dream in Silicon Valley – RocketSpace

Today I started my real San Francisco trip. Our first visit was to a technology incubator center were teams and new projects consolidate their ideas with the help of professionals. Unlike other countries, in San Francisco, this type of incubators … Read More

Diary of a Dream in Silicon Valley – Trip and Arriving

Departure For any lover of technology, speaking of Silicon Valley means speaking of opportunities, of dreams, of the mecca of technology and of big companies forged by disturbing minds in small garages. It’s been more than six years, curiously also … Read More

Qbo Robot on the beach

Looking for Qbo

i’ll see you back in September * Real photo ( no photoshop retouching )

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Qbo Robot

Qbo Specifications Height 456mm Width 314mm Depth 292,5mm Weight 9-11Kg Aprox. Charge:  Autocharging Dock Station Head Ears 2 Omnidirectional & 1 Unidirectional Microphones Eyes 2 Webcams HiDef & 2 Eyelids Movements 4 Servos ( Up-Down, Left-Right ) Mouth 20 Leds Nose 1 Led Connections Wifi Pcb 802g/n & antenna & … Continue Reading