Why Should Kids Be Taught Robotics?

Robots have been a part of human imagination for centuries. In fact, the idea had roots dated as far back as ancient China and Europe where inventors dreamt about using automated machines to work for people. Some of the most … Continue Reading

Qbo – New Robot Project Coming Up

It’s been already four years since we launched our Q.bo project to the market. During this time we have had many experiences, mostly good and some less good, and above all we have learned a lot. Q.bo’s sales figures did … Continue Reading

Qbo Robot Assembling Time-Lapse

Throughout the life of this project, we must have assembled and disassembled our robot thousands of times in our labs. Q.bo is not a toy, is a complex platform that requires some knowledge of robotics and that’s why we decided to … Read More

Julius STT, Qbo robot, openqbo

Speech Recognition System on OpenQbo

In some other post I already talked “superficially” about Julius (Continuous Speech Recognition). However, today we are going to know a bit more about it. Keep in mind that Julius is installed on OpenQbo so that you can carry out your own … Continue Reading

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Qbo Robot Project Status

We have decided to write this post because we are receiving many emails interested in knowing the current development status of the robot . We still have to develop and improve some things, and even though our resources are limited, mainly … Continue Reading