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Now that we have our own OpenQbo Linux distribution, quite stable, and as we know from your emails that many of you have installed it, despite some do not know too well how Linux or its programmes work, we are going to show you how to listen to the Qbo’s voice* we have pre-installed on OpenQbo. We really hope you like it but if you don’t please do not hesitate to send us an email to openqbo@thecorpora.com  ( not available yet )  with your suggestions.

Keep in mind that OpenQbo is a distribution in Alpha phase and that thanks to all the emails we are receiving we will shortly go to Beta. Once the version is fully finished, every access to the vocal synthesizer (that we will see today), speech recognition, robot movements and chatterbot will be done from a simple graphic environment (GUI) like this one:

openqbo, qbo robot, thecorpora

We will show, only to some, how to access the Festival synthesizer from Linux Shell.

*For Qbo’s voice we have used as a basis one of the English voices from the CMU-ARTIC database modifying it with sound professional software until we got what we believe is the suitable voice for the robot (Licence

GO Applications | Accesories | Terminal

Write Festival | (SayText “Hello World”) | Enter

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For those who have not installed OpenQbo distribution and would like to listen to Qbo’s voice we have uploaded a sound file with its transcription: “Hello World. Testing Festival program and voice”.

We hope you liked it!

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