It’s been already four years since we launched our project to the market. During this time we have had many experiences, mostly good and some less good, and above all we have learned a lot.’s sales figures did not reach our initial forecasts due to a discrete commercial work and since we focused exclusively on developers, ignoring a direct application of the product that would be useful to non-technical users.

The idea that prompted us to launch was to develop a high-tech robot open source on which the community could develop infinite applications, but this goal has been undermined to some extent by the high cost involved in high technology.

Throughout all this time we have managed to overcome one of the greatest crises in world history, but we have also had the opportunity to work closely with big companies like Intel or Ubuntu and the best universities in the world. All this has generated hundreds of studies that can now be found on the Internet, and be used by other developers to move forward.


Perhaps our resources were limited but our commitment and passion didn’t decrease at any time. If we have been overwhelmed by events and we couldn’t serve our customers the way they deserve, we apologize to those who have felt neglected by us.

It’s been eight long years since we started this risky but exciting adventure and it’s time to take another step. All the experience we have treasured with Qbo throughout this time has been captured in a new project that started two years ago. We are really excited about this new venture and we are very proud of the result.

“Over the coming weeks, as we did with Qbo, we begin to share all the details of the new project with you”

Acknowledgements: In every adventure undertaken there are travel companions that appear along the way, leaving their mark on the project. That is why I want to thank for their support to all the people who have continued to rely on us until today. We thank those who have followed the project and have sent us their enthusiasm and affection. We thank the bloggers who have followed our wanderings and who helped us reach thousands of people around the world. Thanks to all the members from the old team who, having followed other paths, have continued to support us and giving us support.

We thank all those who trusted us and now have a For all of them we have reserved a big surprise that we will reveal very soon.

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  1. Jamie

    I’m really looking forward to seeing more from soon! I’ve been following you all for the last four years. Since I’m not a developer I have not purchased the robot, but I am very interested in seeing piratical applications it can be used for.

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