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My first intention when I started this project was to learn about robotics as much as possible so I did not pay much attention to other API’s or development platforms on the Internet assuming that the development of communications between hardware and software devices would begin from the start.

Currently, since we have our own API developed by TheCorpora, we are starting to have the time to play with other platforms and we are paying special attention to the one developed by Willow Garage.

Our first impressions on the integration of the ROS with our robot Qbo are very positive (maybe too much).

The first step was the installation under Linux of the ROS platform’s modules on the PC board of the robot following the “wonderful” tutorials on the project’s site. After that we developed a module which communicates our hardware controllers with the ROS. Finally, we just had to read the data of the robot’s components (sensors, motors, servos, battery…) from the ROS, which was really easy.

ROS & QBO: Testing servos with Qbo’s head & Wiimote

Will Qbo be controlled by the ROS system? Time will tell, but our current API modules are converted into ROS easily and quickly every day.

Congratulations to Willow Garage for such wonderful work. If our robot Qbo is finally executed with ROS we hope we will be able to do our small part for this powerful and amazing platform.

ROS & QBO: Testing motors with Wiimote

ROS & QBO: Testing Ultrasonic Sensors

You can watch some other  videos on our channel on YouTube.

Note: We will be very soon answering all the questions and doubts you have sent to us via e-mail. We are very excited about the reception this project has had so far, mainly thanks to hundreds of web pages, blogs and other means (twitter or facebook) which have publicized us. From our little company we would like to say THANK YOU to all of them for their interest and support. We hope not to disappoint you!!
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