Changes from the last version of the OpenQbo Distro:

– Architecture was changed from i386 (32 bits) to 64 bits Support

– Upgrade to the latest version of Ubuntu – 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot)

– Gnome 3 is now used as the desktop manager

– Some theme changes (login screen, wallpaper, icon and windows theme)

– Upgrade of Ubiquity installerUpgrade of ver ROS version from “diamondback” to “electric”

– Mozilla Firefox is now the default browser instead of Google chrome

openqbo, qbo robot, thecorpora

openqbo, qbo robot, thecorpora

This Beta Release version is at your disposal so that you can help us improve it by sending all your suggestions to the following email:

– bugs

– desktop improvements (themes, fonts, wallpaper, etc.)

– packages and/or services you would add or remove

– start up and shut down errors of the system

– security

– any other thing you may consider of interest

You can download the Beta Release here:


VERY IMPORTANT NOTEIt is a version in development and its use is NOT recommended in production equipments.

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