Making a robot move by means of mind control is considered to become the stuff of science and fiction novels and not an academic research. The University of Pittsburgh neuroscientist and professor named Andrew Schwartz and he studies and publishes the way the mind can control an external hand and arm since 2006.

People who suffer from disabilities are usually looked up with pity or frown because they are unable to perform even the simplest tasks specially when if the disability becomes the cause of not getting hands or arms. Let’s face it. Our biceps, triceps and hands are what we are using to carry out our daily duties.
We take a bath and we do our eating, writing, work and nearly everything by using our hands and limbs. So what takes place when these hands and arms were taken from us by an accident? For sure, we will feel terrible and we find ourselves depressed more than the reality. But today, technologies offer a solution and science has made some ways of saying that obtaining disabilities is not the ending of existence. Most artificial arms were invented to assist disabled people.

Some were tested on monkeys to find out if robotics mind control is possible. Another is actually a prosthetic equip that was designed and introduced by Dean Kamen who is also called Robotic Equip that was a mere trial and may arrive to an end due to lack of funds. Others make use of some types of prosthetic triceps and biceps. Today, the latest mind-controlled robotic arm was born.

epoc emotiv
With this, a person can use his brain to relay all forms of messages to the parts of the robot. Triceps and biceps were transplanted by the surgeons at the hospital in an operation that lasted for six hours. It might be deemed that infrequently not all processes are successful and not everyone is amenable to surgical processes due to the costs that might be so expensive.

Likewise, there was no clarity towards the material from the arms and there were no explanations if the triceps and biceps were accidentally wet. Will the microprocessor bug down? Or how much weight can it accommodate if the amputee is apt to hold heavy loads?The impact of obtaining the microprocessor being associated with the chest comes with verified and recognized benefit or disadvantage. Would it proven to be harmful or not? How lengthy would this robotic arm appear to be helpful? Would it be another nonrefundable arm?
We should be thankful for this latest technology. It provides hope but no thanks just because technically and unquestionably nothing really measures up to real arms of a human. Aside from that, just thinking of the expenditures of the new technology could make you pee in your pajamas.

Hopefully, robots controlled by human brain would improve further and will give the best benefits in the long run for people who can truly benefit from these innovative technologies. Let’s stay tuned for more updates about this.

Video note: The Qbo robot is equipped with a wireless communication protocol to control it using Emotiv EPOC headset. This is an experiment using only BT and accelerometer.

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