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About me
August 2016
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About me

Name: Francisco Paz
Date of birth: 5th of March of 1969
Hobbies: Computers, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, New Technologies.
Education, PhD’s, “Cum Laude” projects: Nobody cares, not even me.
E-mail: (if you use it to waste your time that is what you will get)




About me:
When I was 14 years old I got one of those books with a lot of pictures which talked about what future would bring us. Those pictures showed us a society where, by the year 2000, everybody would have flying cars, we would live under the sea, communicate telepathically and robots would be in every home around the world. We went past that date 10 years ago and all those “profecies” have not come true…

On the 7th of July of 1984 my parents gave me as a present a computer from the brand Spectravideo, model 318. That was the day when my “relationship” with computers and technology began. During the last 26 years, when nobody knew yet what a modem was, I connected to BBS (Bulletin Board Systems) in bauds. I have seen how the Internet was born, I have written in magazines and newspapers, I have given lectures, created games and applications and finally, I created a few companies related to the digital world and computers security. Thanks to a series of cincumstances and the sale of one of the companies, five years ago I started to “try” to fulfil my dream as a kid: “building a robot” which becomes part of our environment. I may not succeed but nobody will be able to say I did not try. Welcome to Qbo world.

[…]in 2006 or 2026, some new Nietzsche will step forward to announce […] <<Sorry, But Your Soul Just Died>> is the title of Tom Wolfe’s article.

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