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August 2016
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Qbo, a world of knowledge. Qbopedia

Here’s a new video where you can see, once again, a simple and natural interaction with Qbo in what may be a normal day in our lives.

Cartoon by Carmen Córdoba

While nothing is asked to Qbo, he stays calm, observing the environment, searching for familiar faces and waiting for instructions (such as a general knowledge question shown in this video).

Qbo has an internal state machine which changes the states according to direct instructions from the outside world. In this case, when you say to the robot “Qbo. I have a question”, the state machine activates a node that localizes and parses the complete webpage of the Wikipedia, searching for the information asked by the user, reading it paragraph to paragraph and asking to the user if he wants to hear more information (date of birth, links of interest, etc.).

In some occasions,  Qbo might have some difficulties in understanding the word to search for, either because the acoustic model isn’t sufficiently accurate yet or because the word is totally new to him and it’s not in the data base. In these cases, a temporary state is activated in which the robot asks for a complete spelling of the word. Once the process is finished, the new word is stored in the data base located in the cloud so as to be available for other robots.

As you can see, Qbo apparently has no limits and surely many of you are asking now if it is truly intelligent. The answer is NO …, but it is just a matter of time.

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