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Qbo Robot

Qbo Specifications Height 456mm Width 314mm Depth 292,5mm Weight 9-11Kg Aprox. Charge:  Autocharging Dock Station Head Ears 2 Omnidirectional & 1 Unidirectional Microphones Eyes 2 Webcams HiDef & 2 Eyelids Movements 4 Servos ( Up-Down, Left-Right ) Mouth 20 Leds Nose 1 Led Connections Wifi Pcb 802g/n & antenna & … Continue Reading

Thecorpora, qbo robot, francisco paz

A Little Break!

During the last days and in great part because of the launching of the Blog, I have spent the little free time I had answering emails and preparing some lectures I will be attending shortly as a guest. This is … Continue Reading

Qbo robot, thecorpora, robot design

Qbo Robot Concept and Design

When I started I was sure that this robot had to be “realistic”. I did not want to develop a biped robot or a robot with arms because I knew I would fail due to the lack of resources. Once … Continue Reading